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Sport Performance Training

Set your rising star up for success with cutting edge anti-fragile sports performance training. These individualized programs are designed to not only help your young athlete become better at their sport, but to teach them skills that will build resilience, enhance recovery, grit, work ethic and character. Skills that will help them excel in their sport and in life.

To be “anti-fragile” means to be resistant to stress, disruption, or change, and to actually thrive or improve in response to these challenges. The concept was introduced by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book “Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder.”

According to Taleb, there are three categories of things:

  1. Fragile: Things that are fragile are vulnerable to stress or change and may break or suffer damage as a result.
  2. Robust: Things that are robust are able to withstand stress or change without suffering any damage.
  3. Anti-fragile: Things that are anti-fragile can not only withstand stress or change, but actually benefit from it, becoming stronger or more resilient as a result.

In many cases, it is better to be anti-fragile than robust, as robust systems can still be vulnerable to unforeseen events, while anti-fragile systems are able to adapt and improve in response to them.

Thrive Anti-Fragile Programs

Through 12 weeks of strength and conditioning programming, young athletes will learn skills to keep them thriving for life. They will be challenged so they can not only get stronger physically, but learn grit, and see adversity as an opportunity, not a setback. They’ll be taught the “why” behind the program, enabling them to understand and listen to their own body. This will allow them to recognize early signs of injury, perform the proper interventions to keep them on the field, and make better adjustments to their workouts based on their body.

Our in-home anti-fragile sports performance training programs are available in the Lake Country area of southeastern Wisconsin, or virtually anywhere in the world. Travel charges do apply for distances farther than a 20-minute drive from Pewaukee. They require a minimum 3-month commitment and include:

  • Nutrition recommendations
  • Supplement recommendations if necessary
  • Sleep recommendations
  • Sport specific assessments
  • Mobility assessments
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Power assessments via force plates
  • Recovery modalities using Normatech, H-wave, and/or BFR
  • Mental toughness training- GRIT           

$140 per session for 12 60-minute in-person sessions over a 3-month period

$125 per session for 24 60-minute in-person sessions over a 3-month period

$110 per session for 36 60-minute in-person sessions over a 3-month period

* 10% Discount for paid in full
* Minimum three-month commitment required.
* Must be in the Lake Country Area for in-person sessions. Travel surcharge may apply.
* Customized Packages Also Available

Thrive Anti-Fragile Member

For athletes who have a high training age, and who don’t need the benefit of in session motivation and coaching, we offer a Member service.  This service is a monthly subscription service that offers expert programming and monitoring with less coaching.  We will meet once a month to retest, make sure we are on right track, making any necessary adjustments for the following month.

This service includes:

  • 1 in person session where we collect and track
    • Body composition: weight, muscle mass, fat mass
    • Mobility: flexibility, stability, ROM
    • Force Plate metrics (peak power, jump height, eccentric peak power, RSI modified, and asymmetry metrics R vs L side)
    • Injury History
  • 1 month of programming
    • Training based on goals and where in the season athlete is training
      • In season
      • Off season
    • Training plan is molded to fit each athlete’s schedule and training/playing/Injury history
    • Training plan covers recovery
    • Training plan covers prehab and injury prevention
    • Programming accommodations based on your training space and equipment
    • Delivered via app with videos of exercises
    • 1 15 min follow up via phone at 2wks to cover any questions, and make adjustments based on how athlete is feeling

$175 per month

Member PRO:
$200 per month and adds nutritional plans

* Minimum three-month commitment required.

Additional Anti-Fragile Services

We offer one-time programs for athletes looking for individualized recommendations and insights without one-on-one coaching. These programs a cover specific topic and are customized for the athlete’s needs. They are designed for those who want to follow a program, but don’t necessarily need the accountability, instruction or motivation that comes from having a performance coach present. Additional sport performance training services include:
  • Throwing Program Design
  • Supplement Education
  • Off Season Programming
  • In Season Programming
  • In Season Recovery Programming
Contact Thrive Health & Performance for details and pricing.

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