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Fast Track Fitness Coaching

Thrive Accelerate are fast-tracked programs designed for people looking for quick results before an upcoming event, or for recreational athletes who are starting to experience some aches and pains when they participate in their favorite physical activities. These personalized programs utilize cutting edge science and are designed to get you in peak performance in just four to six weeks. 

To get you in peak performance before a set date or upcoming event, we will utilize techniques such as intermittent fasting, HIIT training, periodized nutrition and muscle supercompensation. These techniques are not necessarily sustainable and are not meant to provide long-term health solutions, but they will help you achieve the results you are looking for in a short amount of time.

If you are starting to experience some aches and pains when you participate in your normal activities, we can help you get your routine back on track. We’ll assess your current physical condition and fitness program to determine what is causing the dysfunction, teach you the skills needed to correct the problem, and incorporate prehab and rehab techniques into your program to prevent future injury.

Thrive Accelerate Programs

Get the results you want as quickly as possible with our in-home accelerated fitness programs. You’ll benefit from personal, one-on-one attention in the privacy and comfort of your own home or convenience of coming to your place of business. Having your coach show up at your door for pre-scheduled appointments will keep you motivated and on track to meet your fitness goals.

Our in-home accelerated programs are available in the Lake Country area of southeastern Wisconsin, or virtually anywhere in the world. Travel charges do apply for distances farther than a 20-minute drive from Pewaukee, WI. They require a minimum four-week commitment and include:

  • Body composition, mobility, cardiorespiratory, strength, stress and sleep assessments
  • Nutrition programming
  • Exercise programming
  • Supplement education

Each 60 minute in-person session will consist of metabolism boosting training that also incorporates mobility enhancing strategies, and education on how to leverage nutrition, sleep, and supplements to help maximize success in a short amount of time.

Gold: $160 per session for 4 60-min sessions per month

Platinum: $150 per session for 8 60-minute sessions per month

Titanium: $125 per session for 12 60-minute sessions per month

* 10% Discount for paid in full or virtual only sessions
* Minimum three-month commitment required.
* Must be in the Lake Country Area for in-person sessions. Travel surcharge may apply.
* Customized Packages Also Available

Additional Healthspan Services

Thrive Health & Performance has partnered with a variety of other businesses to provide you with a more comprehensive healthspan experience.

Inside Tracker

Inside Tracker is a health program that measures your biological age, or the age of your cells. The program analyzes your bloodwork, lifestyle, diet and—for certain plans—your DNA. Using this data, the algorithm-driven platform provides additional insights allowing us to develop personalized recommendations to achieve your health-related goals. This information not only gives us a baseline of biometrics which to compare but allows us to be more surgical with some of our recommendations as well as track how well our interventions are working. Through our partnership, we are able to provide this add-on service to Thrive Health & Performance clients at a discounted rate.

Home Gym Design

I’ve spent over 25 years working in and designing gym spaces. If you are thinking about building a home gym, Thrive Health & Performance can help by recommending the best products and equipment for your space, workout style, and goals. I’ve also developed strong relationships with industry-leading gym equipment and supply representatives and can help you get the best equipment available at the best price.

Mattress Recommendations

Majestic Beds is a premier mattress company whose original design originated almost 30 years ago in the healthcare industry as a mattress topper for cancer patients. They expanded into professional sports and were involved in an 18-month sleep study with the Special Forces in which their Fusion topper increased not only Deep and REM Sleep Patterns but also recovery and training performance. Through our partnership, we can work with them to determine what customized mattress would be best for you and get you a discount on a new bed and better sleep.

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