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Don’t settle for surviving when you could be


Thrive Health & Performance

Invest in your health, achieve optimal performance and discover your fire with elite, personalized, one-on-one private health and fitness coaching.

Reinvest in Your Health

Through elite and exclusive one-on-one private health coaching and sport performance training sessions we will help you invest in your health so you can:

  • Enjoy peak performance and productivity at home and at work
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Be more present with your loved ones
  • Get leaner, stronger, and move better
  • Look and feel years younger
  • Have improved resilience to illness
  • Reduce your everyday aches & pains
  • Have improved mental performance with less stress and fatigue
  • Reduce current and future health costs
  • Self-master your health and fitness to increase your healthspan not just lifespan

Private Health Coaching Programs

THRIVE HEALTHSPAN: Private Health & Fitness Coaching

Three to six months of private, personalized coaching sessions for long-term healthspan solutions so you can thrive as you age – not just live longer, but live healthier and happier for longer.

THRIVE ACCELERATE: Fast Track Fitness Coaching

Four to six weeks of fast-tracked fitness coaching to get you in peak performance before a set date or upcoming event. We will use techniques that although effective short term, would need to be adjusted after to sustain long term results.

THRIVE ANTI-FRAGILE: Sport Performance Training

Set your rising star up for success with cutting edge training that not only focuses on competence but trains them in confidence, character, and resilience helping them to excel in their sport and in life.

Break the Cycle, Overcome Personal Obstacles, Establish & Achieve Your Goals, and Transform Your Life.

Whether you’ve sacrificed your health for your business or career, are starting to feel your body age, need more energy, or want to establish sustainable health habits so you can enjoy life’s journey from the mountaintop and not the doctors office, I can help you THRIVE.

Thrive Health & Performance offers private health and fitness coaching to help individuals achieve optimal health and performance for a lifetime. Our clients include top executives, busy entrepreneurs, weekend warriors and rising athletes. Get health back on your priority list. Take a deep dive into your health and lifestyle utilizing cutting edge tools, assessments, and technology. We’ll establish solutions that fit within your schedule without detracting from your personal or professional obligations.

THRIVE with Josh Seligman

Health care in the United States focuses so heavily on sickness and disease, we’ve lost sight of what optimal health actually feels like. We need to shift our perception of health from simply surviving to actively thriving.

I’ve spent the last 20+ years personally and professionally understanding how to optimize the aging process. I have a comprehensive educational background that includes two master’s degrees (Sports Nutrition, Sports Medicine), a BA in Exercise Science, and 20 years of practical experience as a coach, athletic trainer, and strength and conditioning specialist. The last 12 of which were for the Milwaukee Brewers. Working with professional athletes & executives, and being close to 50 myself, has allowed me to explore and develop cutting edge performance and training techniques, and how they can be applied to live a happier, healthier and more productive life.

Start THRIVING today.

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